Our transmission service includes everything from a complete flush of fluids, electronic diagnosis, transmission overhaul and replacement. We use your vehicle’s factory approved and recommended fluids. We can preform minor repairs to complete replacement. We cover most used car extended warranties.

Many problems can be solved or avoided by getting a transmission flush on a regular basis. A single mechanical failure can cause the car’s engine to shut down and disable it entirely, so it is important to watch for these signs and get your car inspected at the first sign of trouble.

  • Transmission is slipping between gears while driving or popping back to neutral
  • Unusual grinding/clunking/humming noises – especially when in neutral
  • Fluid smells like it is burned
  • Clutch is dragging – clutch stays engaged and causes grinding noises when trying to shift
  • Grinding or thumping when gear changes instead of smooth transitions
  • Lag/delay between gear changes and/or higher than normal RPMs for a given speed or gear change

In the event that a transmission does begin to fail in some way (or fails completely), we will often recommend a replacement, a rebuilding process, or other smaller transmission repairs to ensure that your car will function properly and reliably. All repairs include our warranty, which covers parts and labor for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.