Our engine service includes electronic diagnosis, timing belt replacement, head gasket replacement, internal mechanical repair or a complete Jasper Engine replacement. With something as important as engine repair and replacement, you can trust the experts at Falmouth Motorcar. You’ll have confidence in our warranty, covering parts and labor for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Preventive maintenance will help keep your car running for the long haul.

  • Change your oil regularly and use the recommend weight of oil. Check your owners manual or under the hood for the correct oil to be used.
  • Give your engine a chance to warm up before driving if possible. Doing this will let the oil get into all parts of the engine before you put a load on the engine. This is even more critical in cooler temperatures when the oil is cold and sluggish.
  • Change your timing belt or chain at your manufacturer’s recommended interval.
  • Avoid using additives advertised in your oil. Regular oil changes and good maintenance habits will keep your engine running well.
  • If you have a turbo-charged engine, wait a minute to cool down before turning it off. This cool down period allows oil to circulate and cool down the bearings in the turbo. If you shut off the vehicle immediately after hard driving, the oil can gum up around the hot bearings and create problems down the road.